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"Orchestrating the Noise"

We're all in a constant state of organizing and compartmentalizing incoming information.

Navigating, and ultimately orchestrating the application of content is a mandatory aspect of being human. Deciding what content is relevant, what's critical, what's totally optional, how to apply it and then forecast the result, is everyones reality. I call it noise, as I believe most of it is.

"Orchestrating the Noise" is a broadly based body of work that includes painting and sculpture. It's based on how my mind compartmentalizes "noise" and represents it in varying forms of scale and material, application and product (art).

Below is an image taken today - it's a shot of 3 pieces from a series of several very recent works on paper. They are potentially titled "Draft 1" 2 and 3 as part of the bigger "orchestrating the noise" direction/body of work.

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