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Phillips Gallery Opening 

Gallery Stroll - Friday, March 18th. 

6 to 9 PM - 444 E 200 So

Statement, March 2016


My work takes shape as I work on multiple pieces at a time, often as many as 40 or 50, laid flat on tables and ready to take paint. Working in this way affords me many options in terms of addressing individual works, while also allowing me to articulate myself in finely parsed ways. During this time, I advance multiple works, regardless of their stages of development, according to whatever my inclinations are at any particular instant in time. As such, the whole almost takes on a living, breathing persona that continually transforms and grows, with the pieces playing off one another as part of a larger thriving entity. 


When I first enter the studio, I typically don’t touch or engage with the work for an hour so; rather I study, contemplate, review, and visualize courses of action I might consider making. Although it’s rare, there are times I simply walk out the door without touching a piece. When I do engage, I evolve single pieces not only in terms of their unique characteristics, but also in terms of their more holistic dynamic within the whole of works that surrounds them. When one piece is complete, I remove it from the others; replace it with a blank sheet of paper or canvas, and the process continues.



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