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Every day is about art. It just is. It doesn't stop when I'm with the family, out to eat or on a river. It never stops. I'm always thinking about making art, any art. Sometimes it's just moving an object or two into position and then looking at it from various points of view. I do this often. I also just look at something and do nothing an see it as art. I can't be part of a landscape without envisioning how it could be informed by art. Sculpture, painting or an installation all swirl in the head all the time. Not to mention found objects, which are everywhere I look. 

Art is not a job, not a hobby or a side gig. It's at the core of who I am. At 56 I can now say that with certain. Not sure I knew that even a decade ago. It's without question true, so much so it takes over everything you do like a drug. That said it's not a addiction (I personally know what that is), it's more of a calling, a responsibility or reason for being. I just is. 


I'm drawn to many directions of thought at the same time and my head is challenged to.....  

Story vs Bio? 
Miranda goste writer 



Solo Exhibitions

2016                   Weber County Library, Southwest Branch, Roy, Utah

2016                   Phillips Gallery, “New Work” Salt Lake City, Utah

2014                   Phillips Gallery, “Poured” Salt Lake City, Utah

2011                   Phillips Gallery, “New Work” Salt Lake City, Utah

2008                   Anne Reed Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho

2007                   Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah


Selected Group Exhibitions


2020.                  Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, Mariland

2020.                  Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, Mariland

2019.                  Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

2019                   Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, Mariland

2018                   Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, Mariland

2017-2018          Prior Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia

2010-2018          Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

2009                   Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

2008                   Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

2007                   Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

                           “The Presidents Art Show”, Salt Lake City, Utah (juried)

2005                   University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

2004                   Weber State University, Ogden, Utah

2003                   Juniper Sky Gallery, St George, Utah

2002                   Rio Grand Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah


Selected Awards + Publications


2014                   15 Bytes Magazine

2009                   New American Paintings #84

2008-2001          HOW Design

1996-1998          “Graphis” Design

1996-2001          Utah Advertising Federation               

1994-1996          Communication Arts

1993-1995          Step-by-Step Graphics

1988-2001          Print Regional Design


Professional Experience


2007-2016          Painting / Sculpture / Creative Director (Various Clients)

2005-2006          Creative Director, Brand Development, Power Music / Podfitness Inc.

2003-2004          Creative Director, Brand Development, 3form Inc.

2002-2004          Painting / Sculpture: Independent Study

1996-1998          President, (AIGA) American Institute of Graphic Arts, Salt Lake City Chapter

1991-2002          Founding Partner / Creative Director: Huddleston Malone Design

1988                   Independent Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Selected Collection


AIP Capital Corp.

Catholic Community Services

Fidelity Investments

Infinite Scale Design Group

Juniper Sky Sculpture Garden

Questar Gas

Salt Lake Community College

Stoel Reives

Trio Restaurant

University of Utah Legal Council

Weber County Libraries

Deer Valley Resort Spa




2005-2006          University of Utah: Sculpture

1985-1988          University of Utah:  Painting / Drawing / Graphic Design / Illustration

1983-1984          Boise State University: Painting / Drawing / Graphic Design



Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT


Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta GA


Merritt Gallery, Baltimore MA,


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